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Ataulf, deep-freeze, sunblock, whichever name you prefer to call it by, was settled by someone with (as might be presumed in hindsight) a lot to prove for himself. Or maybe he just realized a certain poetry by picking a small satellite, instead of the giant planet it belonged to, in order to ram a flag down its surface and call it home. It was that easy in the days. For certainly there were rules governing attempts at colonization, but as soon as we could get into space everyone simply picked a direction that no one else would and left anyone obliged to enforce the rules puzzled, staring up at the sky, with a faint notion of how big the universe could be, scratching their head over how the hell they were going to enforce anything at all.

So then there was Ataulf; Leon Ising planted his flag, or rather broke it on the surface and discovered Ataulf was an icicle. Icicle’s were more promising than landing on a surface of molten glass, which was what the other half of Ataulf consisted of. As the moon revolved around it’s parent planetoid, it never turned towards the sun. If it did, it happened too slowly for it to happen in Leon’s lifetime and thus for him to care. Ising had not blindly stumbled into this dark side of the moon, Ataulf received enough light from the planetoid to know something resembling a ‘day and night’ cycle. It was, however so, properly messed up.

Ataulf crane

When the colonists were no longer under the spell of the explorer, they settled on the parent planetoid; leaving behind Ataulf for better lands, discovering something akin to paradise. Ising had however not been a total screwup and was pretty decent at poetry; the colonists would suffer daily, from a total solar eclipse caused by Ising’s frozen moon. Those of wit amongst us recognize that this explains the planet incidentally being referred to as sunblock.

Years ahead, the colonists who remained on Ataulf discovered the moon did actually rotate slowly, but they hadn’t bothered as it would not effect them within their lifetime. You would imagine the colonists’ first shot at universal recognition would be to build the biggest hemp farm imaginable, but this was not what they themselves imagined. They were simply stone cold (and adequately supplied with plenty of various other, more advanced, substances) so after building the basic equipment to survive the intense cold, they built a small bar called Crane.


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